Job Opportunities in Mesa, AZ

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Mesas, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona is a beautiful city that has been named as the lowest risk for natural disasters in the country. There are a number of excellent career opportunities available, and the city has been named as one of the best in the country to live in because of quality of life, education, and health. It has also been named one of the smartest cities in the country.

Job Opportunities in Health Care in Mesa, AZ

There are five major medical facilities in the city of Mesa, and there are expected renovations in the works to develop more hospitals. These factors make health care one of the top industries in the city. The Arizona Workforce Informer states that healthcare occupations are expected to increase by over 42% through 2013, and the major demand will be for careers in the following positions:

  • Physician’s assistants
  • Physical therapists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Radiation therapists
  • Registered nurses
  • Occupational therapists
  • Pharmacists

Job Opportunities in Technology in Mesa, AZ

The City of Mesa website has also indicated the possible expansion of the technology sector, and it states that there are a variety of firms that have already been established in the city. Jobs that are expected to see the most growth through 2013 in the technology sector include:

  • Database administrators
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Repair workers
  • Installation supervisors
  • Civil engineering technicians
  • Computer support specialist

Other Job Opportunities in Mesa, AZ

There are also other job opportunities available in Mesa, including the aerospace industry, and this is expected to increase by around 20%. Due to the airports located in the area, there will also be a demand for aircraft mechanics, aircraft service technicians, and ticket agents.

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