Job Opportunities in New Mexico (NM)

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in New Mexico

The state of New Mexico currently has a positive career outlook, and it has three areas of industry that are continuing to grow:

  • Health care
  • Information technology
  • Government and law

The population in the state is currently growing at 14% per year. This growth is causing a large demand for services and goods that are needed to sustain that population.

The government in New Mexico also attempt to help job seekers to find employment opportunities in the state. The Department of Labor provides a web site that allows job seekers to use the Internet to find jobs, and they also teach people strategies for resume writing and interview techniques.

Declining Job Opportunities in New Mexico

Mining and manufacturing were the industries in the state with the largest occupational decline. There have been many plants in the state that have closed in recent years, and there have been many other layoffs for existing organizations. The greatest amount of layoffs and closings of mines has occurred in the southern region of the state, and this is where there was a considerable boom in the 1980s and 1990s.

Career Outlook in New Mexico

Currently the career outlook for New Mexico is positive. The economy is expected to grow as the population grows, and there will be a need for dedicated professionals in the food and beverage industries to accommodate this growth. The oil industry is also expected to pick up as the need for more production of oil continues to increase.

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