Job Opportunities in New Orleans, LA

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in New Orleans, Louisiana

Although Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in the past, as the city of New Orleans continues to rebuild there are more job opportunities available. The city of New Orleans is an exciting place to both live and work based on the history and culture. They also offer a website that is dedicated to finding jobs and relocating, so potential job seekers can utilize these resources to find available opportunities in the area of their choice.

Top Job Opportunities in New Orleans, LA

There are a number of job opportunities available for plumbers, electricians, and entry level construction workers. There is a need for both skilled and un-skilled workers to help rebuild the city, so the demand for these workers should stay in place throughout the near future. The annual income for individuals in these positions has also risen by over 2 % in the last two years, as many college graduates are choosing to leave the state of Louisiana upon completing their degrees.

Declining Job Opportunities in New Orleans, LA

Over the last two years, the city of New Orleans has seen job losses in white collar markets, and industries that have lost workers include;

  • Marketing
  • Business administration
  • Accounting

Career Outlook in New Orleans, LA

Construction careers are the fastest growing industry in New Orleans at this time. The city is in need of blue-collar workers to help rebuild the city. Other industries such as tourism and public education may also be available to job seekers in the area, and the salaries for these types of positions will generally be higher than those for individuals in the construction industry.

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