Job Opportunities in Oklahoma City, OK

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City’s job outlook is extremely positive and appears to be growing significantly. The top three areas of economic growth include:

  • Health care services
  • Educational services
  • Administrative and support services

The health care services will account for over 30,000 new jobs through 2014. Ten percent of the jobs will come from recreation, while the other will come from health care. Educational services and other government jobs will reach 35,000 new jobs, while the food industry will add over 18,000 new jobs. Many of the new jobs in the city will come from the service industry.

Declining Job Opportunities in Oklahoma City, OK

Many of the job opportunities that are expected to decline in Oklahoma City are in the goods-producing and manufacturing industries. Oil and gas, construction, and engineering will lose over 1,000 jobs through 2014. It is expected that a shift will develop from product production to services, and federal employment through the USPS will also decline.

Career Outlook in Oklahoma City, OK

It is expected that overall employment in Oklahoma City will increase by approximately 12% through 2014 from 2004. That means that over 200,00 new jobs will be created at a rate 20,000 each years. This makes Oklahoma City a great location for college graduates or individuals looking to relocate to check out. Thirty percent of these jobs will require a post-secondary education, but many of the jobs will only require past relevant work experience.

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