Job Opportunities in Washington, DC

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Washington, District of Columbia

Washington, DC is the capital city of the United States of America. It is home to the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, and a number of other major governmental bodies. It is an area that attracts millions of tourists each year, but in addition to visiting the area, some people choose to make it their home. There are a number of job opportunities available in the fields of technology, government, and other areas and job seekers should check out this expanding city when they are deciding on their next move.

Top Employers in Washington, DC

There are a number of major corporations located in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas that employ a large number of workers. Some of the largest companies, and those that are growing the fastest and will have the greatest job outlook in the future, include:

  • iDirect Technologies (Herndon, Virginia)
  • Telesis (Rockville, Maryland)
  • LanceSoft (Reston, Virginia)
  • Convergenz (McLean, Virginia)
  • Intellimar (Sykesville, Maryland)
  • Petron Pacific Incorporated (Chantilly, Virginia)
  • Liquidity Services (Downtown Washington, DC)

Job Outlook in Washington, DC

According to, there are a number of careers within Washington, DC and the surrounding areas that are growing extremely quickly. In no particular order, some of those job offerings include:

  • Network System Analyst
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • Information Technology (IT) Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Teachers
  • Court Reports
  • Personal Trainers
  • Architects
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Cartographers

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