Job Opportunities in Wisconsin (WI)

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Wisconsin

From the field of medicine to the technological world of computer innovation, some of the fastest growing Wisconsin career opportunities feature some of the nation’s most lucrative salaries.

Fastest Growing Job Opportunities in Wisconsin

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a number of fast-growing career fields in the state of Wisconsin. These include:

  • Networking systems and data communication
  • Medical records and billing
  • Computer software engineering
  • Physician’s assistants
  • Medical assistants

Job Opportunities in Health Care in Wisconsin

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assisting career will be the nation’s fastest growing career, and that is no different in the state of Wisconsin. Medical assistants are needed to complete tasks such as maintaining office billing records, drawing blood, taking patient vital signs, and other clerical duties. Often candidates are required to have completed a program at an accredited community college or technical school before obtaining employment within the industry.

Medical records technicians are also in high demand in Wisconsin, and each year over 270 jobs in this field are added to the Wisconsin job market. These professionals put together medical filed based off of administrative, medical, and legal guidelines. They often send out medical records upon request, as well.

Physician’s assistants are also in high demand in Wisconsin’s medical community. Over 80 jobs are added each year in the state, as physician’s assistants perform vital roles within the health care system. They provide many of the same duties as a doctor while under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

Job Opportunities in Information Technology in Wisconsin

Data communications specialists in the state of Wisconsin receive large salaries for their work, and the career is the second fastest growing in the state. These specialists test, design, analyze, and evaluate the systems of a computer network. It is expected that the growth of this industry will increase by 52% through 2012.

Software engineers represent another fast growing job in Wisconsin, and these professionals earn nearly $100,000 each year. This career is perfect for individuals that have a love of computers, design, and research.

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