Legal Support Services Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Legal Support Services

Legal support services degrees provide students the education they need to work with lawyers and help make law firms run as smoothly as possible. Individuals that pursue this degree program will be well-prepared to work as a legal secretary, legal office manager, or paralegal.

Legal Support Services Degree Programs

Legal support services workers are employed by lawyers in order to help them complete their jobs successfully. Most legal assistants will be required to manage information and to do some sort of legal research while employed in this career field. These programs teach students about the legal process, interviewing witnesses, and how to prepare documents like contracts, affidavits, and wills. Students must also gain advanced knowledge in legal terminology. Graduates of one of these programs will be prepared to work as a legal office manager, legal secretary, or paralegal.

Paralegal Job Opportunities for Legal Support Services Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as paralegals meet with clients and other professionals to discuss details of cases, and they may act as legal secretaries. They prepare legal documents and correspondence, and they will prepare for hearings by organizing exhibits. They work with wills, contracts, appeals, and pleadings, and they may call upon witnesses to testify at a hearing. Individuals that work as paralegals will need to have extensive knowledge of the English language as well as law and government experience. In the field of government, paralegals will need to know about:

  • Political process
  • Court procedures
  • Legal codes
  • Government regulations
  • Agency rules
  • Executive orders

It is expected that this career field will have significant job growth within the next several years, and the growth is expected to exceed 20% through 2018. This could amount to over 100,000 jobs.. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a paralegal in 2009 was $46,980.

Legal Office Manager Job Opportunities for Legal Support Services Degree Graduates

Legal office managers are responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of administrative support and clerical workers. They supervise the work of office and provide customer service to clients. They will also provide employees guidance in handling difficult problems and resolving disputes and complaints. They are responsible for implementing departmental policies, service standards, and procedures as well as training and instructing employees on their job duties. They may also need to interview and select employees for open positions within the law firm. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, office managers made an annual median salary of $46,910 in 2009, or $22.55 per hour. Projected job growth in this area is expected to be average at 7-13% through 2018, totaling 489,000 job openings.

Legal Secretary Job Opportunities for Legal Support Services Degree Graduates

Legal secretaries work to perform routine administrative and clerical functions for legal offices and their employers. These functions may include:

  • Maintaining files
  • Providing information to callers
  • Drafting correspondence
  • Answering phones
  • Scheduling appointments

Secretaries will also need to operate office equipment, greet visitors, distribute incoming mail, and make copies of correspondence and other materials. They may also need to review work to check for grammar and spelling, and this requires good English and written communication skills. They must also have good time-management skills in order to handle multiple different tasks at once. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a legal secretary in 2009 was $41,080, or $19.75 per hour. This career field is expecting to see faster than average growth of 14-19% through 2018.

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