Management Tips for New Managers

How to Succeed as a New Manager

Being a manager at your job can offer a variety of unique challenges, and you may be responsible for resolving a host of different problems. Some tips for dealing the difficult situations you may encounter while working as a manager are discussed at length below.

Focus on the Problem

When talking to your employees about issues related their work performance, make sure that you focus on the problem. Maybe the problem is that an employee is not keeping adequate case notes. Make sure that this is what you talk to your employee about, and don’t bring up other irrelevant issues. This will be less effective and can overwhelm your employee. Try to stay focused and face the problem head on with the employee rather than avoiding it and complaining to others about the issue.

Consider the Other Side

Discuss the problem with other people involved, and ask to hear their opinion or reasoning for why something happened. Ask them how they think the situation should be resolved to get potential ideas. There could be disconnect between what managers and employees believe to be acceptable behavior at work. An employee may be having problems at home or with a coworker that could be causing disruptive behavior that needs to be addressed. Keep an open mind and try to consider the other person’s feelings while talking to them.

Provide Timely Follow-Up

You should follow up or decide quickly on a course of action once you have an idea of everyone’s side regarding a problem. Do not let the issue drag on or get forgotten about. Correct the problem and move on to something else.

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