Medical Ethics and Bioethics Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Medical Ethics and Bioethics

Medical ethics and bioethics degrees prepare individuals to work in the scientific and medical fields. Students that pursue this area will be prepared to work as a postsecondary teacher, attorney, or bioethicist, depending on the degree they pursue and their level of education.

Medical Ethics and Bioethics Degree Programs

Ethics within the medical and scientific community are becoming increasingly important, especially with the controversial procedures and activities that are occurring. Students that choose to pursue this field must learn about moral and social values as well as laws and regulations for the health care, legal, and scientific communities. Most individuals that work in a career in this area will have a graduate or professional degree within their area of specialization. By pursuing a degree in this field, students will be prepared to work as an attorney, bioethicist, or postsecondary teacher.

Bioethicist Job Opportunities for Medical Ethics and Bioethics Degree Graduates

Bioethicists are concerned with biomedical ethics in activities like assisted suicide, cloning, stem cell research, and organ generation. These professionals typically do not have any predetermined qualification standards because the field is so new, but most bioethicists will work as at a hospital as an integral part of an ethics committee. Currently there is little to no research on the salary and job outlook for this position.

Postsecondary Teacher Job Opportunities for Medical Ethics and Bioethics Degree Graduates

Teachers that work in postsecondary schools may focus on a number of academic subjects to prepare students for higher education or careers. They may teach and design courses, conduct laboratory experiments, conduct research, grade papers, and evaluate student progress. Individuals that have advanced degrees will be the most qualified to work as a professor, and most colleges and universities prefer teachers that have doctorate degrees. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there should be decent job growth and opportunities in postsecondary instruction within the next several years. The median annual salary for a postsecondary teacher of professor in 2009 in the United States was $73,320.

Attorney Job Opportunities for Medical Ethics and Bioethics Degree Graduates

Attorneys represent clients in civil and criminal litigation in legal proceedings, advise clients on transactions, and draw up legal documents. They may specialize in one area or practice in broad areas of law. They present evidence to defend their clients and to prosecute defendants, and they may help in the selection of jurors. They study regulations, statues, decisions, and the Constitution in order to determine consequences of cases. They also interpret laws and rulings and explain them to clients. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for an attorney in 2009 was $113,240 or $54.44 per hour. The projected job growth in this area through 2018 is average at 7%-13%. That will consist of 240,000 projected job openings.

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