Minnesota High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in Minnesota

Historically, the public education system in the state of Minnesota has been around since the 1820s at Fort Snelling. It has obviously come a long way since then, and more information about the public education system and current high school graduation requirements for the state of Minnesota are listed below.

High School Information in Minnesota

According to the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, about 79% of all students in Minnesota graduate from high school with a regular diploma in four years. Demographically, Hispanic and Native American students had the lowest graduation rate at 37% and 40% respectively. In 2009, Minnesota’s average composite ACT score was 22.7, ranking it first nationally among the 25 states in which more than half the college-bound students took the test.

High School Graduation Requirements in Minnesota

To graduate from a public high school in Minnesota, a student must meet the state’s course credit and testing requirements in addition to any additional local requirements established by the school district. The state’s course credit requirements require the completion of 21.5 course credits, including:

  • Language Arts (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits including Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics)
  • Science (3 credits including 1 credit of Biology)
  • Social Studies (3.5 credits including U.S. History, World History, Economics, Government, and Geography)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Electives (7 credits)

Beginning in the 2012, students will also be required to complete courses in physical education. They must also pass three standards-based tests in math, writing, and reading.

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