Ohio High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in Ohio

The state of Ohio is known for its higher education institutions and collegiate sports. However, high school education should also be considered when looking into this state, and further information about it and graduation requirements are included below.

High School Information in Ohio

High school completion rates are of utmost importance in the state of Ohio, and significant statistics have been obtained to examine this rate. The U.S. Economic Research Service has stated that in 2000, 17% of Oklahoma residents did not complete high school, where as 36.1% of residents completed high school only. An estimated 25.8% of residents completed some college while 21.1% completed college.

High School Graduation Requirements in Ohio

According to the Ohio Department of Education the following the requirements are needed in order for students to complete their high school degree:

  • English/Language Arts (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Science (3 credit)
  • Physical Education (.5 credits)
  • Health (.5 credits)
  • Social Studies (3 credits)
  • Electives (6 credits)

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