Online High School vs. Traditional High School

Pros and Cons of an Online High School over a Traditional High School

With increasing technological advances, earning a high school diploma does not need to mean attending an actual high school. Alternative and online schools have been developed in order to provide another means for students to obtain their degree. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to online learning, and these will be discussed below within this article.

Advantages of an Online High School Diploma

There are many advantages of choosing to pursue online high school diplomas, which are discussed below:

  • Ability to work at your own pace
  • Fewer distractions that come with a traditional high school environment
  • Avoid peer pressure and develop your own identify
  • Flexibility to balance family, work, and school life
  • Fewer bullies and other negative influences
  • Ability to choose an area of interest or specialization
  • Chance to finish early and less rigorous time constraints

Disadvantages of an Online High School Diploma

Like all things, disadvantages can also be identified from pursuing a high school diploma online. Some of the most prevalent are listed below.

  • Missing out on fun high school activities
  • No teacher readily available to ask questions when you don’t understand a topic
  • The need to self motivate to make sure you complete your work
  • Isolation and being cut off from peers and friends
  • The cost of an online high school is often more expensive than a traditional high school
  • Some online high schools are not properly accredited

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