Professional Email Writing Tips

How to Write a Professional Email

Sending an email in the professional world is much different than sending an email to a friend or on Facebook. When sending an email to a coworker, college, or any other type of work associate, you should make sure that you keep it formal. Do not use abbreviations or smiley faces like you would when sending a text message. Focus on the tone of your message and how it might be interpreted to the reader, and keep the message short and focused.

When formatting your message, make it easier to read by breaking it into paragraphs. Use proper grammar and spell check your document. Also make sure that you proofread your document before you send it to ensure that you are not sending anything inappropriate.

Like emails, leaving a voicemail when talking t a work colleague can also be challenging. Speak clearly and slowly, and keep your message as short and concise as possible. Try and keep the message under 30 seconds, and say your name and phone number slowly. It is also advisable to say your phone number twice so the listener has time to copy it down without having to replay the message an extra two or three times.

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