Professional Networking Tips for College Students

How to Network Professionally

Networking is extremely important and valuable when you are trying to find a new career. Networking refers to creating professional relationships with managers, owners, coworkers, and supervisors, and this can lead to success within the workplace. Tips for building networks and retaining previously made relationships are discussed below.

Make New Contacts

Make an effort to meet new people within a variety of different areas in your job or work industry. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to others and try to find a way to connect to them. Attend after work social gatherings or events, and try not to hang out with the same group of people each time. Try to expand your social circle. Although many of these networking events may happen at bars or other social outings, keep your drinking to a minimum and dress appropriately. You don’t want to send the wrong message and become the source of office gossip. Additionally, when you make a new contact, make sure that you partake in regular follow up in order to maintain that relationship so that it can potentially benefit you in the future.

Hold on to Existing Contacts

Once you have established contacts for workplace assistance, possible career advancement, or other reasons, make sure that you work to maintain those relationships. You should make sure that you are up-to-date on industry trends, innovations, and job opportunities. Find out what upper management is looking for in regards to new employees and work to show them that you have those desirable skills or qualifications.

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