Public Relations. Degree Job Opportunities

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Public relations degrees are best suited for individuals with high self-confidence, excellent communication, and a desire to try and persuade people of different ideas and beliefs. They may also need to use advertising, public policy, and media communications. Graduates of a program in public relations may choose to pursue a career as a public relations specialist, public relations manager, or as a lobbyist.

Public Relations Degree Programs

A public relations degree will prepare students to use media resources in order to sway public opinions. These opinions are usually swayed toward the direction of the corporation, agency, or organization that the individual works for. Public relations students need to learn how to interact with the public, write press releases, and acknowledge the concerns of citizens, investors, and stakeholders. They may also need to conduct research and gather information about the public’s opinion. This degree program will need to provide students with high level of communication and writing skills, and students will need to take multiple courses in public speaking. By pursuing a degree in public relations, graduates will be prepared to pursue a career as a public relations specialist, lobbyist, or public relations manager.

Public Relations Specialist Job Opportunities for Public Relations Degree Graduates

Public relations specialists work for organizations to ensure that their client’s needs are being met. This is especially important when doing business with companies that are located in foreign languages, as there are often language and cultural barriers that need to be addressed in order to perform successful business functions. PR specialists establish cooperative relationships with employees, community representatives, consumers, and public interest groups. They also consult with advertising agencies to arrange promotional and media campaigns. They may represent celebrities or politicians and are responsible for distributing press releases, meeting with groups to represent their client, and scheduling appropriate appearances. The median annual salary for a public relations specialist in 2009 was over $51,000.

Public Relations Manager Job Opportunities for Public Relations Degree Graduates

Public relations managers supervise public relations specialists. They may review media communications and other advertisements in order to ensure that they are consistent and align with the organization’s public relations goals. Public relations managers need to ensure that they are following business, societal, and economic trends in order to adjust their public relations policies to new circumstances and challenges. Public relations managers manage communications budgets, respond to requests for information about employers’ activities, and direct activities of external agencies and departments. They may also draft speeches for company executives and arrange interviews and other forms of contact. Most public relations managers work for government agencies or private organizations. This career is expected to grow faster than the average career field, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated the median annual salary for one of these professionals in 2009 was $89,260.

Lobbyist Job Opportunities for Public Relations Degree Graduates

A lobbyist represents a special interest group or a business interest within the public policy making setting. Many work in Washington, DC or in major cities throughout the U.S. where they are forced to try and influence the opinions or policymakers. These interests are swayed to the favor of their employer’s best interests. Lobbyists often need to travel frequently in order to meet with lawmakers, and they need to be skilled in both persuasion and communication. Lobbyists need to be resilient in order to not give up when told no, and they need to have self-confidence when they go into meetings with lawmakers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there job outlook in this career field is good within the next several years.

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