Quality Control Technologies Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Quality Control Technologies

Quality control technologies degrees are perfect for someone that wants to work with engineers by ensuring that products are created at a consistently high rate of quality to meet their company’s needs. Students that graduate from this program may be prepared to pursue a career as a computer systems analyst, quality control technician, or computer software programmer.

Quality Control Technologies Degree Programs

Individuals that pursue a degree program in quality control typically have high standards for products and want to ensure those standards are met. These individuals need to know about surveying and random sampling to conduct tests that subject products to temperature or stress. They must also know production methods within their industry so that they can suggest adjustments or new procedures to increase the quality of produced items. By pursuing and completing a program in quality control technologies, a graduate should be prepared to work as a computer software programmer, computer systems analyst, or quality control technician.

Quality Control Inspector Job Opportunities for Quality Control Technologies Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as quality control inspectors are needed in manufacturing companies to ensure that products meet the standards necessary to meet the company’s goals. Inspectors will examine products in a wide variety of industries, and significant training is required so that these professionals know what to look. Individuals that work in quality control evaluate analytical methods and procedures to determine how they might be improved. They also identify quality problems and recommend solutions based off of laboratory test data and appropriate regulations. This job opportunity is not expecting significant growth over the next few years in the U.S., as quality control is becoming increasingly automated, and many manufacturing jobs are being outsourced overseas. Quality control inspectors are usually paid by the hour rather than salaried employees, and they typically make about $15.00 an hour.

Computer Systems Analysts Job Opportunities for Quality Control Technologies Degree Graduates

Professionals that work as computer systems analysts generally work for firms or are self-employed. They are usually hired out on a temporary or contract basis by organizations that need direction in the development of new computer systems. These professionals are also sought out when system upgrades are warranted. Computer systems analysts need to make sure that the organization’s investments in regards to information technology are paying off and those specific computing needs are being met. Computer systems analysts consult with management to ensure agreement on system principles. They also read manuals, technical reports, and periodicals to learn how to develop programs that meet user and staff requirements. They also work closely with technology managers in regards to the design of systems and the purchase of hardware or software. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for a computer systems analyst in 2009 was $77,080.

Software Programmer Job Opportunities for Quality Control Technologies Degree Graduates

Software programmers that specialize in quality control help organizations to improve their efficiency and streamline their production costs. They use control techniques and others to analyze collected data. Software programmers direct software programming and development of documentation. They coordinate installation of software system and confer with data processing and project managers to obtain information on data processing capabilities and limitations. Students that pursue this degree program have the ability to find work in creating software applications for quality control, but this field is expected to grow more slowly than other career fields in the national economy. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a computer programmer in 2009 was $70,940.

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