Resume References Tips

How to Choose References for a Resume

Resumes are an important part of any job seekers quest for employment. Most job candidates choose to include the contact information for references when completing a resume, and when you include this information, you want to select people that your interviewer will think to be creditable and someone that thinks highly of you. Do not include people that are prestigious but don’t have enough information to comment on your ability and work ethic. Also remember that it is important to ask permission before you include someone as a reference, and warn them before you send out a resume with their name on it so they can be prepared if they are approached by a hiring manager for information about you. Other tips for whom to include on your references section are discussed below.

College Professors

College professors often have great and insightful information about your work ability and ability to think abstractly. Make sure that you have a good relationship with this professor, and preferably choose someone that has had you in more than one course.

Former Supervisors

Former supervisors have great information about how well you performed at your previous jobs, and this information can be invaluable when it comes to applying for a new one.

Former Coworkers

Your past coworkers will have a great idea about what type of person you are to work with, and they often have additional information about how you perform that your supervisors may not have experienced.

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