Resume Tips for College Students

How to Write a Resume as a College Student

A resume is your chance to tell potential employers about yourself and why you would be a great addition to their organization, so they are extremely important during the job hunt process. Although the order of the information presented on a resume is really up to you, it will contain information regarding educational history, work experience, and special skills. You can use a variety of different layouts or fonts in order to make your resume stand out, but providing the following information is of utmost importance when developing your resume.

Educational History

Typically students with college degrees will list their postsecondary educational experience first, and they may not need to even include high school information. However, students that wish to get jobs while they are in school will want to include their college information and high school completion information. In this section you will also want to specify the type of degree you earned, major, minor, GPA, and graduation date, or anticipated graduation date.

Work Experience

Work experience should begin with the most recent job and progress on to the farthest back. It should include dates employed, the name of the company, job title, and a little information about your duties in that position.


If you have any special skills that could be relevant to the position you are applying for, you should include that in your r

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