Resume Writing Tips for College Students

How They Can Help You Get the Job

Students that have graduated college and are entering the working world need to know the art of writing a great resume. Companies receive dozens of resumes when they are hiring for a position, so you need to be able to make yours stand out from the crowd. Some tips for doing just that are discussed below.


If you turn in a sloppy, wrinkled resume, a recruiter is going to assume that you do not pay close attention to detail. This resume is not going to get you an interview, as it will tell the hiring manager that you are a sloppy person.

Highlight Your Experience

Include your most relevant experience on the top of the resume, if it has anything to do with the job you are applying for. Otherwise, include your educational information first.

Use White Space

Do not submit an over-cluttered resume. Make sure that yours utilizes white space to make it easy to ready, focused, and clear.

Avoid Non-Relevant Information

Focus on information that will help you to get the job, and avoid anything that is not relevant to the job in which you are apply. Also make sure the content you utilize is interesting and proof read it before you send it to a potential employer. Leave out unnecessary jobs or group relevant jobs together if you have multiple job stints.

Include a Cover Letter

Including a cover letter will help a potential employer to get to know you better, and it will also give them a sample of your writing skills. It has been thought that many employers will not even consider reading someone’s resume unless they have also included a cover letter.

Explain Gaps of Employment

Any gaps of employment should be explained, even if you are a student.

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