Robotics Technologies Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Robotics Technologies

Robotics technologies degrees teach students how to create robotic instruments that are used in the production of manufacturing goods and industrial tools. Students that pursue a degree program in robotics technologies will be prepared to work in a number of interesting careers, some of which include a job as a robot technician, robotic sales representative, or a computer controlled machine programmer.

Robotics Technologies Degree Programs

Robotics technologies degree programs are best suited for individuals who want to pursue a career in the manufacturing industry, and they may program robots to do a number of different functions. They could also coordinate a group of robotic tools within an assembly line. Degree programs in robotics technologies are generally completed at the associate level in two years, although there are some programs at higher levels. These bachelors and masters degree programs are best suited for individuals that want to work in a management or supervisorial position. Graduates that complete one of these degree programs will be prepared to work as a computer controlled machine operator, robot technician, or robotics sales representative.

Robotics Sales Representative Job Opportunities for Robotics Technologies Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as robotics sales representatives will attempt to sell their products to clients, and this can be done through marketing, cold calling, and demonstrating their products to potential clients. They may also pursue a degree in sales or marketing, of they could have previously worked in technology before they transferred to a sales position. The latter scenario often makes a sales person better qualified to discuss their products and answer customer questions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a sales representative that works with technical and scientific products was $71,340 in 2009.

Robot Technician Job Opportunities for Robotics Technologies Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as robot technicians work to service, test, fix, and install robotic machinery, and they may also assist engineers in the creation and design of new robots. Many of these professionals are employed by robotics manufacturing companies, and they may also work to install and instruct clients on how to use their new robotic machinery. They may also need to return to the site to service the robotics and complete repairs on them. This means that this career field may also have a significant travel requirement. Robot technicians can make anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 per year depending on the organization they work for and their skill level.

Computer Controlled Machine Programmer Job Opportunities for Robotics Technologies Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as computer controlled machine programmers design programs that tell robots what they need to do. They use information that is gathered from production data in order to help robots to work with maximum efficiency. Tasks may include:

  • Testing for accuracy
  • Reading blue prints
  • Making calculations
  • Inputting instructions

Individuals that work in this field can expect pay of over $45,000 a year, but employment in this area is expected to decline within the next several years.

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