Sales Engineer Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for Sales Engineers

Sales engineers are responsible for determining how a product is made and identifying people that will benefit from it. They must understand the technicality of the products that they are trying to sell, and they work with large organizations to determine what type of products they might need. They must also have a strong background in the industry that they work in so that they can understand how products work, and they will need to utilize technical knowledge and skills in order to make a sale to their potential clients. Sales engineers secure and renew orders and arrange delivery. They also develop or respond to proposals for specific customer requirements including requests for proposal responses and industry-specific solutions.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales engineer employment is expected to increase at an average pace through the year 2012. Typically sales engineers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering in order to determine that they have a strong technical background. Many sales engineers will also have to travel a lot in order to visit prospective clients in order to make sales pitches. Employees can work with manufacturing companies or independent consulting firms. Most sales engineers make an average of $73,000 a year, but this number is flexible and could be based on commission and the industry a person works for.

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