Security Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Security

Security degrees are best suited for individuals that like to enforce rules and ensure that offices, schools, homes, and other locations are safe. By pursuing a degree in security, graduates will be prepared to work as gaming surveillance officers, probation officers, or security guards.

Security Degree Programs

Degree programs in security can prepare students for a number of career opportunities. They can provide security services to buildings or they can also work in transporting goods in a secure manner. These programs teach individuals how to keep people safe and how to use crowd-control techniques. Some of these programs can now be completed online, and technical schools and community colleges may also offer them. By pursuing this degree program that teaches students how to protect lives and maintain order, graduates will be prepared to work as a security guard, gaming surveillance officer, or probation officer.

Probation Officer Job Opportunities for Security Degree Graduates

Parole and probation officers in are involved with keeping contact with prisoners that are on parole or probation. They ensure that released convicts are following through with the terms of their release, and they may also help some to secure educational opportunities, housing, or jobs. Parole officers may have a number of cases at one time, and they will provide reports to judges about the convict’s progress and behaviors outside of prison. There should be strong job growth in this field within the next several years, and this can be attributed to a shift toward community treatments. Probation officers provide inmates or offenders with assistance in matters concerning detainers, sentences in other jurisdictions, and applications for social assistance. They also arrange for post release services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of a probation officer in 2009 was $46,350.

Security Guard Job Opportunities for Security Degree Graduates

Security guards work to monitor the activities of employees, visitors, and other people located on the premises for which they are employed. They may write reports about daily activities and maintain control among visitors. They are responsible for enforcing rules, answering alarms and investigating disturbances. The preserve order and patrol premises to prevent intrusion, and they also ensure points of entry like windows, gates, and doors are properly secured. They may work in a number of settings, such as gated communities, resorts, shopping malls, college campuses, and government buildings. They may also need to detain trespassers or other criminals until law enforcement arrive on the scene to take them into custody. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the median annual salary for a security guard in 2009 was $23,820, or $11.45 per hour. The occupational outlook is bright, and growth of 14-19% is expected through 2018.

Gaming Surveillance Officer Job Opportunities for Security Degree Graduates

Gaming surveillance officers are responsible for security of casinos and hotel operations. They observe activities in order to check for cheating or theft by employees or guests. They may do this by using one-way mirrors above the casino, from a desk, or from the cashier’s cage. They may also need to use video or audio equipment to observe business operations, and they will need to provide reports on suspicious behavior and violations to their supervisor. This career field is expecting average growth of 7-13% through 2008. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified the median annual salary for gaming surveillance officers as $30,220, or $14.53 hourly.

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