Social Networking Tips for Job Seekers

How Social Networking Can Impact Your Job Search

Social networking is becoming increasingly popular, and most younger people in the U.S. have a Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account. However, maintaining this type of site gets tricky when you are a college graduate that is looking to enter the career world. If a hiring manager finds a sketchy profile picture with some inappropriate conversations between your friends on your wall, even the most stellar interview and resume may not be able to save you. Hiring managers want to find employees that will represent their organization well, and if your social networking profile doesn’t look like you fit the bill, they will be on to the next candidate in no time. Some information and tips about how to alter your social networking site are listed below.

Hide Your Profile

Keep your profile hidden from prospective employers. This includes your name, phone number, or any other identifying information. Use the privacy settings to restrict who can see your profile, and make sure that your profile picture is appropriate. Make sure any other photo albums or embarrassing information is kept out of the public view. Also use a separate email address for social networking and keep your professional email free of these sites.

Delete Your Profile

Rather than trying to hide certain information, it may be better to just delete your profile and get rid of anything incriminating. This way, potential employers won’t be able to see your comments, pictures, or anything political in nature that could be offensive to potential employers. You may want to delete your profile and start over with a newer one that is more professional in nature. Also consider deleting friends that may have suggestive pictures, and tell your friends to remove any incriminating pictures of you from their profile.

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