South Dakota High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is home to educational and U.S. landmark Mount Rushmore. Other information about high school in the state and graduation requirements are listed below.

High School Information in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota has a high school graduation rate of 87.5%. The education system has a student teacher ratio of 13.6 students to every one teacher. Just over 25.5% of South Dakota’s population goes on to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Over 120,000 students are educated in the public school system, and there are 703 public schools in over 167 school districts. The average ACT score for high school students is 21.8.

High School Graduation Requirements in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota has three different sets of high school graduation requirements consisting of standard, advanced, and distinguished requirements. The standard requirements, as adopted in 2005, are listed below.

  • English/Reading & Communication (4 credits)
  • Social Studies (3 credits including U.S. History, World History, Geography, and U.S. Government)
  • Mathematics (3 credits including Algebra I)
  • Science (2 credits)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Health or Physical Education (.5 credits)
  • Personal Finance of Economics (.5 credits)
  • Required Offerings (2 credits)
  • Electives (6 credits)

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