Stress Management Tips for College Students

How to Manage Stress in College

Stress can have a variety of detrimental impacts on college students. It can cause hair loss, fatigue, acid reflux and a negative impact on immune systems. A majority of doctor visits each year are the result of stress or stress-related impairments. Some of the biggest causes of stress in college include:

  • Competition
  • Familial separation
  • Peer pressure
  • Choosing a major
  • Freedom

Students should take a proactive approach on combating stress to make their college experience more pleasant. The first step is to identify the source, and you should then develop a plan to resolve the problem. The following tips may help you to better deal with the stress that is bound to occur when attending college:

  • Spread out your assignments
  • Organize your workplace
  • Make a list of what you need to do
  • Visit a tutor or homework help center
  • Talk to your professor
  • Talk to your advisor or resident advisor (RA)
  • Try meditating or deep breathing
  • Get some alone time

Many college campuses also offer counseling centers. If these tips don’t help and you are still having a difficult time, set up an appointment with a counselor to discuss your problems and come to a resolution.

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