Study Tips for College Students

How to Study in College

Making time for studying while in college is difficult with all the other fun activities and responsibilities that are put on a student. By following a few simple tips, you will be better prepared to study in college to get the grade you want and deserve.

Organize and Prioritize

Be prepared to study when you sit down for a session, and try to push all distractions out of your mind. Take notes when reviewing new material and when you are in class, but only write down key points. Reviewing notes after a lecture will help to remember them, and highlighting key information will make it stand out better. Prioritize which assignments are the most important and study them first, and take breaks to keep your mind sharp. You must realize that you are in college and studying needs to be a priority. Choosing to do something fun over studying will make it difficult to do well in a course. It is thought that two hours should be spent on coursework outside of class for every one hour that is spent in class, so following this rule will help you to keep on track to do well in the course.

Create a Schedule

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