Support Engineer Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for Support Engineers

Support engineer degrees prepare students to give technical support to engineers, and they may also answer questions and discuss concerns with clients about products. They can answer phones and provide technical support to individuals with problems with their systems. They may also focus on issues that are brought up with other departments in their company, including operations, sales, of manufacturing. They can work in manufacturing, health care, or other industries that employ engineers. They serve as experts in their company’s product and may find solutions to help clients better utilize them.

Support engineers may be responsible for researching technical issues as well as walking customers through possible solutions. They will need to learn about new technologies and product updates as well as file reports regarding problems that customers are experiencing with products. They may process or manage customer orders while also reviewing change requests for products. Support engineers also make suggestions for product improvement, and their knowledge can help to make technical support processes in the future easier.

Many support engineers will gain a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science, and this will make them more attractive to potential employers. Some employers may just ask that employees have a degree in some technical or engineering discipline, and this can be at an associate level and not focus specifically on engineering, computers, or a related discipline. Experience within the field is also looked at in a positive light.

Support engineers need to have exceptional communications skills in order to effectively communicate with other departments and customers regularly. They will also need to have critical thinking and problem solving skills to resolve customer complaints and issues. Support engineers must also gain knowledge of their company’s products and will need to be fast learners to learn about new products as they are developed.

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