Taxation Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Taxation

Taxation degree programs involve the completion of a Master of Law or Master of Science degree program. These programs prepare individuals for a career working with tax law or taxation, and this could include jobs like estate planners, tax attorneys, or tax accountants.

Taxation Degree Programs

There are several different law schools that offer programs in taxation, and they are available to individuals that have already completed a law degree and wish to work in the field of taxation or tax law. Other degree options include a Master of Business Administration in Taxation or a Master of Science in Taxation. These two degree programs are meant to be completed by individuals who have an undergraduate degree in accounting, political science, or finance. Courses that students may be asked to complete include:

  • Corporate tax
  • Multi-jurisdictional tax
  • Property transactions

Graduates of a taxation degree program may be able to find careers as an estate planner, tax accountant, or tax attorney.

Estate Planner Job Opportunities for Taxation Degree Graduates

An estate planner is usually an attorney or accountant that specializes in crafting estate plans and managing a client’s financial estates. They can help families with reducing tax liability and planning wills, as well as making money available for investments and living expenses. This will help individuals to get their affairs in order before they pass away and determine where their money will go upon their death. The Society of Trust and Estate Planning Individuals provides professional certifications to individuals that are interested in working gin this field. Estate planners recommend strategies clients can use to achieve their financial goals and objectives. They may also implement financial planning recommendations and research available investment opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for an attorney in 2009 was $113,240, while the median annual income for an accountant was $60,340.

Tax Accountant Job Opportunities for Taxation Degree Graduates

A tax accountant is responsible for delivering tax related and financial services and guidance to individuals, businesses, and other organizations. They provide oversight on financial matters, review statements, and ensure the accurate completion of financial reports. They will also help clients to make decisions regarding taxes and other income related activities, such as possible tax advantages. Accountants that prepare tax returns are not expected to see much employment growth in the near future, but in 2009 those individuals employed in the field earned a median annual salary of $60,340.

Tax Attorney Job Opportunities for Taxation Degree Graduates

A tax attorney is responsible for providing legal advice in regards to taxes to clients, which includes individuals or organizations. They may also serve as representation for clients in court for issues related to tax at the local, federal, or state level. Lawyers study regulations, decisions, the Constitution, and statues to determine ramifications for cases. They also interpret regulations, laws, and rulings for businesses and individuals. They are responsible for explaining tax law to clients and advise clients on the advantages and disadvantages of legislation and possible courses of action. Lawyers that specialize in taxation will see an increase in demand within the next several years.

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