Teaching Elementary School Curriculum Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Teaching Elementary School Curriculum

Teaching elementary school curriculum degrees are best suited for individuals that have good communication skills and enjoy working with children. By pursuing a degree program in teaching elementary school curriculum, students will be prepared to work as an elementary school teaching specialist, instructional coordinator, or elementary school teacher.

Teaching Elementary School Curriculum Degree Programs

Individuals that pursue degrees in teaching elementary school curriculum will need to learn the skills required to teach students under the age of 12. Elementary school teachers need to be prepared to play a pivotal role in the academic and social lives of children, and a degree program in teaching elementary school curriculum will require coursework in the following areas:

  • Theories of education
  • Child psychology
  • Discipline
  • Classroom management
  • Educational techniques

By completing a degree in teaching elementary school curriculum, individuals will be prepared to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher, elementary school teaching specialist, and instructional coordinator.

Instructional Coordinator Job Opportunities for Teaching Computers Degree Graduates

Individuals that are employed as instructional coordinators usually have teaching experience as well as skills in design curriculum and planning educational programs. Many of these individuals are employed as specialists and also focus on researching learning materials for history, English, and mathematics. Instructional coordinators will often work for private, religious, and public schools. They may also obtain employment in research institutions and state and local governments. Instructional coordinators research and prepare recommendations on curriculum, materials, and instructional methods for school systems. They may also conduct workshops, conferences, and committees to promote the welfare of students. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for instructional coordinators in 2009 was $58,780. Educational coordinators are also expected to have rapid job growth within the next several years, because school districts are attempting to improve their performance.

Elementary School Teacher Job Opportunities for Teaching Computers Degree Graduates

Teachers that work in elementary schools teach young children a targeted curriculum. Individuals in this job must enjoy working with children and shaping the minds of America’s youth. Elementary school teachers meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress and determine priorities for children and their resource needs. They also prepare students for later grades by encouraging learning opportunities and challenging tasks. All states have a requirement that teacher possesses at least a bachelor’s degree in education or curriculum and instruction, and they must also be licensed through the state that they wish to teach in. Teaching jobs are the most in demand in inner cities and in the Southwestern United States, and the median annual salary for an elementary teacher in 2009 was $50,510.

Elementary Teaching Specialist Job Opportunities for Teaching Computers Degree Graduates

A teaching specialist may be required to teach students about areas of music, physical fitness, or art. The age ranges that teaching specialists support vary greatly, and the lighter teaching duties completed by these individuals usually results in increased supervision of extracurricular activities or recess duties. Some teaching specialists are employed full-time while others may only have part-time hours. The salaries for these professionals are typically less than those for teachers, and the job outlook for teaching specialists is expected to be good within the next several years.

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