Tips for Adjusting to College Life

How to Adjust from High School to College

Transitioning from high school to college life is difficult for many students. You go from constant supervision and having your parents help you with many things to absolute freedom and adulthood. This change can be discouraging and overwhelming, and students often suffer from homesickness when they leave their families and friends. Some students also become frustrated or disappointed by college because it does not live up to their expectations, but you should remember that it takes time to adjust to college. By following a few simple steps, making this adjustment can be easier for you.

Prioritize Your Time

Prioritizing your time is extremely necessary when starting college. Being a college student means freedom, and you will need to make time for school work, class, work, extracurricular activities, friends, sports, and other activities. This often overwhelms students, so they need to prioritize their time in order to be successful at school. Taking on too much will leave you feeling overwhelmed, and it is important to remember that your main purpose for being at college is to do your school work to earn your degree. Using a planner is a good way to help you stay organized, and scheduling out your time to make sure all of your responsibilities are covered will also help you to stay on track.

Keep an Open Mind

It is important to keep an open mind when you go to school for the first time. You will be surrounded by new people, situations, and activities that you may not be used to. You may have a roommate that is much different from you, and the people around you may be much different than your high school friends. By being open-minded, you will be able to connect with different people and handle situations as they come. This will help you to be an adult and shape the way you look at the world. This does not mean that you have to change the way you think or your beliefs, you are just accepting others for who they are and appreciating people and things for what they are, no matter how different they are from you or what you are used to.

Call Home

If you are feeling homesick, remember that you can call home whenever you want. Technology is making it easier to talk to people that live elsewhere, and you can communicate with your old friends over the phone, by text, or online. By talking to your high school friends, you can also get tips for how they are coping with their change to college life. However, you cannot rely on your family members to keep you happy, so come to a decision upon how often you will call home and when you will talk to your friends and family. Make sure you live in the present and do not isolate yourself from your peers.

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