Tips for Convincing Your Professor to Change a Bad Grade

How to Get a College Professor to Change Your Grade

Most college students, at one point in their lives, have worked diligently on an assignment only to receive an unsatisfactory grade. Although tempting, students need to resist the urge to tell off their professor or complain about their low grade. College professors do not always respond well to complaints about grades. Many find these conversations to be annoying, so it is especially important to make sure you are saying the right things and asking the right questions when you approach a teacher about a problem with a grade. By following these tips, you will have a greater success in achieving your desired result

Check Your Facts

Wait a day before asking your professor about your grade in order to check your facts. Look at the professor’s syllabus for grading information, and reread the assignment instructions to make sure that you did not miss anything. Look over your paper or assignment and critically think about whether or not you deserved the grade you got. Write down some key points about why you don’t think the grade was important, and use this to decide what you will say to your professor the next day.

Stay Calm

Do not become angry when you are preparing to talk to your professor. Make sure that you are calm and have thought exactly about what you will say when you speak to him or her. Having a plan ahead of time will help you to remain calm, as you will know exactly what you want to say. Keep your emotions in check, especially if the feedback from your professor is not what you want to hear.

Be Nice

It is easy to become frustrated when you feel you received a grade that you did not deserve, but it is important to not convey this when talking to your professor. Be respectful and nice, as manners can go a long way when you are trying to get something that you want or someone to do you a favor. Pay special attention to your tone of voice and body language.

Explain Your Argument

Explain diplomatically why you feel that you deserve a higher grade. Ask for ways to improve your grade and see if there is any way you can either add to the paper of complete additional work to raise your grade. If your professor is not willing to work with you or allow you to try and improve your grade, accept his or her decision and move on. For your next assignment consult with him or her to ensure you understand the assignment, and try harder to make sure that you get the grade you want.

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