Tips for Creating a College Class Schedule

How to Schedule Classes in College

One of the most frustrating aspects of college is scheduling. It is often difficult to determine which classes you need and how to make them all fit into your schedule. It becomes increasingly frustrating when you go to register for your classes only to find that one of them is full, and you then have to restructure your entire schedule.

Students typically take between 12-16 credits a semester if they are “full-time” students, while
“part-time” students usually take around 8. Choosing which courses to take each semester is extremely challenging, especially when these credits need to be a balance of both major and general education requirements. The tips below will help you to best schedule your semester and prepare yourself for success.

Consult Your Advisor

Academic advisors are there to help students make decisions about their schedule and the sequence of which they should take their courses. Meeting with an advisor will be helpful for mapping out your academic career, and they will have helpful suggestions on elective courses to take. An academic advisor may also be able to figure out scheduling solutions to help a student graduate on time or faster than expected.

Determine Course Load

Students should examine their extracurricular activities, work schedule, and other factors to determine how many classes they will have time to take. You should avoid taking on too many credits and should only take on what you know you can handle. This way all of your attention can be focused on those classes, and you won’t feel as overwhelmed or that you are spread too thin. Overloading yourself with too many classes will not make for a pleasant college experience.

Try Out Different Options

Students should try out a variety of scheduling combinations before they actually register. Schools typically offer schedules and course catalogs online to be consulted before their registration date. This allows students to determine how to plan out their schedule and take the courses that they actually need. You should also consider pre-requisite requirements and ensure they have been met before registering for a class.

Get Tips From Friends

Students should talk to their friends to get information about certain professors. The difficulty of a course may help you to choose whether you have enough time to commit to that class during your schedule. Websites like and are another great source in order to find out about a professor’s teaching style and the work that is required in their classes.

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