Tips for Dealing with Office Politics

How to Survive Office Politics and Gossiping

Sometimes your first job after college presents many new challenges that you weren’t exactly expecting. There are problems with gossip, politics, and an office hierarchy that can occur, and some tips for a few of those situations are discussed below.

Politics in the Office

Dealing with office politics is difficult for workers of all ages and experience levels, and discussing politics can be even more difficult. You may want to express your opinion to others, but politics is a touchy subject. You may want to study your coworkers to try and determine their political preference before discussing a sensitive subject or trying to sway their opinions. Keep an open mind and accept that other people may have a different belief system than yours.

Office Gossip

Workplace gossip is bound to happen, as most people enjoy talking about one another and about juicy or interesting things that are going on. However, if you want your career to progress, you should try and avoid becoming the source of office gossip. Keep your personal and professional lives separate and avoid office relationships or any other source of scandal. Also consider others when you hear gossip and especially don’t pass on any information that is not true, as it could be detrimental to the person’s professional or even personal lives.

Office Know-it-All

Yes, you gained a lot of knowledge in college, but you still don’t know it all. Going into a new work place with an aggressive attitude about knowing everything will not get you anywhere, and you will have a difficult time getting along with your coworkers. Do your job and do not attempt to make major changes to rock or change the system. While new ideas are sometimes encouraged, tradition is very important within the workplace.

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