Tips for Dealing with Office Romance

How to Handle Workplace Romance

When you are in college, you may be considering dating. Although this is completely normal and can be expected, it is important to know your parameters when choosing to date someone that you may work with at your part-time or summer job. It has been suggested that three out of five people have engaged in an office romance, but there are some important considerations to take into account before you jump into that dating pool.

Find out the Regulations

Some companies have rules about dating coworkers or subordinate employees, so if you value your job, you should find out the rules of inter-office dating before you enter into a relationship with a coworker.

Keep it Professional

Remember that when you are at work you are there to do a job, so keep it professional. Avoid displays of affection and creating any other distractions by being too open with your relationship at work. This may make your coworkers uncomfortable and can interfere you’re your job performance. If there are not regulations against workplace romances you don’t have to lie about it, but you also shouldn’t broadcast it either.

Hope for the Best

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