Tips for Doing Well at a Job Interview

How to Succeed at an Interview

Interviews are often challenging, as it is a way for hiring managers or interviewers to test the candidate to determine if they are right for the job. This is possibly one of the most important parts of the hiring process and can surpass even the best resume. Being prepared for an interview will help you to feel less nervous, more confident, and able to show your potential employer why you would be an asset to their organization. In addition to preparation, specific answers, the ability to perform, and personality are essential in having an successful interview and will help you to get the job.

Be Prepared

There are a number of questions that are common in interviews that you can practice ahead of time, like your past work experience, educational experience, and career goals. Often hiring managers will ask you about your greatest strengths and weaknesses, so you should consider these questions as well before you go into the interview. Also be prepared to defend yourself and discuss why you would be an asset to the organization.

Be Specific

Don’t try to provide vague answers in order to avoid a difficult question, as many interviewers will ask you to elaborate. Answers should be less than a minute long but should be as short and specific as possible.

Sell Your Performance Potential

Your hiring manager is looking for a candidate that can help their organization to better itself and to look good. That means that you will need to sell yourself, explain what you can do for them, and sell why you are the best person for the job.

Show Your Personality

In addition to great work and educational experience, managers want to find someone that can fit into their organizational culture, have a good attitude, and will get along with their coworkers. A bad attitude or arrogance can kill an interview and your chance of being hired, so try to stay positive and confident during your interview, and prove to the hiring manager that you would go into the job with a winning attitude.

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