Tips for Good Grades in High School

How to Get Better Grades in High School

With all the commitments a high school student has, it is no wonder why they sometimes get overwhelmed. However, students need to understand that their responsibility is to learn first and foremost. The following tips will teach you how to do better prepare yourself for life as a high school student.

Organize Yourself

This will help you to keep track of assignments, due dates, and projects. To better organize yourself, try and find an assignment notebook or planner in order to keep track of all your important dates, activities, tests, and homework assignments. Also organize your locker and your work space at home so that you can easily find your books or other materials that you may need in order to study.

Be Realistic

Set realistic, but challenging goals. Shoot for a grade you want in a particular class and set up a plan to achieve it. Planning to get a 100% on every class, test, and assignment may be asking too much from yourself and can cause considerable frustration and discouragement. Make sure your goals challenge you to do your best without setting yourself up for failure.


High school students have a lot going on including family obligations, hanging out with friends, sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, community service work, and above all, homework. Make sure that your priorities are straight that that you find a balance between all of your activities. Without a balance, the most important tasks like school work and studying may be forgotten or not given enough time.

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