Tips for Living with a College Roommate

How to Live with a Roommate in College

One challenging aspect to college is life is living with a roommate. Some students go into college not knowing the person they will be forced to live with for nine months, and personality conflicts can make this a challenging situation. Even students that do know their roommate before they begin to live together face challenges, as different opinions on cleaning, priorities, and noise levels can create roommate and personality conflicts. However, following some of the simple tips listed below can help to make living with a roommate a more pleasant experience.

Make Rules

Before starting to live with someone, roommates should discuss their preferences with one another. This can include what time the other likes to go to bed, wake up, and complete homework. Using this information, rules and guidelines should be created about the time frame that activities within the dorm, house, or apartment will take place.

Come to a Compromise

When different personalities are placed in a living situation together, compromise is essential. Living with a person that expects to get their way all the time can create a difficult situation, so it is necessary to balance different lifestyles through compromise. Both roommates need to come to solutions about what will work best for both of them in order for the situation to remain pleasant and cordial.

Keep Communication Open

Roommate situations are bound to create frustrations between people, even between the best of friends. During these times it is important to be honest and communicate your feelings with your roommate. Without this, your roommate will not know that you are upset and cannot do anything to fix his or her behavior. Communication should not be about blaming the other person or bringing up all of their flaws, and only the very important things should be brought up. Pick your battles, and keep in mind that you are probably annoying roommate as much as he or she annoys you.

Have an Open Mind

Keep in mind that not everyone grew up in the same household as your or has the same background. This does not mean that one way of living is better or worse than another. When living with people from other cultures, ask questions if you do not understand why they do things, but do so inquisitively and not in a condescending manner. You should also be willing to accept new things and get along with people who are much different than yourself.

Speak Your Mind