Tips for Long Distance College Relationships

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last in College

Many college students pursue long distance relationships with their boyfriend or girlfriend. They may have met in high school and chose to attend different schools or they could have met during summer vacations or at school activities. Regardless of how they met, pursuing a long distance relationship is often stressful on both parties. However, long distance relationships are not impossible, and couples that are committed to making it work can stay together by following a few simple tips.

Trust Each Other

Trust needs to be established in order for a long distance relationship to have any chance in lasting. If one partner is fearful that the other is cheating on him or her because of the distance between them, this fear will often dominate conversations and drive the couple apart. Trust needs to be established so that the time the couple is able to talk to each other or spend together can be a positive and happy interaction.

Focus on Open Communication

Regular and open communication is a necessity in a long distance relationship, and most often this occurs over the phone, Skye, or instant messaging. Partners should feel comfortable to be honest with their boyfriend or girlfriend and express their feelings without being judged. Communication is also important so that a partner feels like they are included in their significant other’s life. One important part of establishing trust is to be open and honest in your communication.

Control Jealousy

Jealousy is common in any relationship, but it is important to ensure that it is controlled. Partners should rely on open communication to discuss issues so that jealousy does not become a problem, and honesty is key to combat jealousy. Significant others should also avoid situations that will make their partner believe that something is occurring that they should be worried about.

Be Thoughtful

It is the little things that count in a relationship, not grand gestures, so partners should be thoughtful about one another. This can include phone calls just to tell the other that they are thinking about him or her, or asking about something that they know their partner is concerned about or cares about. Remembering intimate and personal details also helps to show a partner that his or her significant other really cares about them and listens to what they have to say. Small gifts at random times are also a great way to show a significant other that his or her boyfriend or girlfriend is thinking about them.

Make Time

Just like relationships that are not long distance, couples need to make time for each other despite other obligations. This could include regularly scheduled phone calls, emails, or online chats. These calls can be scheduled around activities, but the regularity will help keep the couple connected despite the distance between them. Couples can get creative and plan virtual dates where they watch the same TV show or movie together or eat dinner together

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