Tips for Writing Cover Letters

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Including a cover letter will your resume when applying for a job will help a potential employer to get to know you better, and it will also give them a sample of your writing skills. It has been thought that many employers will not even consider reading someone’s resume unless they have also included a cover letter. You should use this as an opportunity to present yourself in a positive light and to separate yourself from other applicants, and some helpful tips for completing a cover letter are discussed below:

Consider Your Audience

Consider the audience of your cover letter and make it wow them. Make sure that it is professional and does not use slang or text abbreviations. It should also focus on the position and employer you are wishing to work for, and this shows that you have taken time to at least research the organization. Keep it focused and concise without making it too wordy or long.

Be Specific

When explaining your skills, avoid vague statements and be extremely specific. Also use examples to highlight your strengths. For example, if you stay that you have good time management skills, it may be useful to provide an example of a time in your career you were specifically stressed for time and needed to use time management skills in order to get things done. If you are hardworking, explain how you worked your way through college or provide another helpful example that will help to exemplify this.


A sloppy cover letter with a lot of mistakes will make a potential employer think one of many things, none of which are good:

  • You have poor written communications skills
  • You do not pay close attention to detail
  • You do not always put forth your best effort
  • You are not serious about the job, because if you were, you would have proofread your cover letter.

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