Transportation and Distribution Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Transportation and Distribution

Transportation and distribution degrees are best suited for individuals that are interested in shipping and other distribution-related systems. Individuals that pursue this type of program may be prepared to work as a transportation manager, storage and distribution manager, or logistics manager.

Transportation and Distribution Degree Programs

By pursuing a degree in transportation and distribution, students are able to learn how to plan and direct product and material distribution. Managers that work in these areas arrange for transport of supplies, goods, and other raw materials. They are needed to make sure that products get to their destination safely and in a timely manner to meet the goals and needs of customers. They are also required to understand changes in demand and how to adapt accordingly. Students pursuing a degree in logistics, distribution, or materials management will be required to complete course work in:

  • Logistics modeling
  • Operations research
  • Quality control
  • Inventory control
  • Distribution systems

Once their degree is completed, students will be prepared to work as logistics managers, storage and distribution managers, and transportation managers.

Transportation Manager Job Opportunities for Transportation and Distribution Degree Graduates

Individuals that dispatch and manage a number of vehicles are known as transportation managers. They may also be responsible for supervising repairs and servicing of trucks or airplanes as well as contracting them out for shipping services. These managers may also be responsible for managing drivers and implementing policies that take into account changing trends and markets. Transportation managers negotiate and authorize contracts with material and equipment suppliers, and they also monitor the fulfillment of contracts. They set operations standards and policies and determine safety procedures for handling dangerous goods. They also serve as contract managers and may deal with payment. It is expected that this career will grow at an average pace within the next few years, and the average salary for these professionals is expected to be right around $45,000 annually.

Storage and Distribution Manager Job Opportunities for Transportation and Distribution Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as storage and distribution managers manage storage facilities in order to ensure that proper finished products are being sent to the appropriate retail customers and warehouses. They need to coordinate their activities effectively with the managers of these stores and warehouses, and they may also need to get in touch with transportation managers to ensure that their products are being delivered safely and undamaged. Storage and distribution managers review invoices, consumption reports, and work orders to estimate peak delivery periods. They also inspect the physical conditions of warehouses, fleet vehicles, and equipment. Some individuals in these positions may also be responsible for the purchase and management of transportation vehicle, and these professionals are also expected to see growth of job openings at an average rate. The average salary for a distribution or storage manager is expected to be around $70,000 each year.

Logistics Manager Job Opportunities for Transportation and Distribution Degree Graduates

Logistics managers are responsible for storing, transporting, and distributing merchandise and products. They need to coordinate resources for warehouse, inventory control, shipping, and other transportation needs. Their main goal is to ensure that products are distributed in an efficient, cost effective, and timely manner to ensure that the needs of their customers are being met. Logistics managers direct distribution center operations to ensure optimal productivity, accuracy, timeliness, and cost efficiency objectives. They also ensure carrier compliance with company policies and procedures. To be a successful logistics manager, knowledge of the transportation industry is also essential in order to properly maintain contracts and schedule deliveries. Average salaries begin at around $75,000 each year, and the job outlook for this position is expected to be good within the next few years.

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