Web or Multimedia Management Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Web or Multimedia Management

Web or multimedia management degrees allow students to combine an interest in computers, technology, and management. These programs prepare students to fill roles as managers while gaining information about web sites and servers. By pursuing this degree program, an individual will be prepared to work as a computer programmer, web designer, or desktop publisher.

Web or Multimedia Management Degree Programs

Web or multimedia management degree programs are designed to teach students about computer networks, database management, operating systems, and programming language. In addition, web design courses may also be required, and they will focus on color theory, animation, and computer graphics. Web or multimedia managers oversee the content that is displayed on their company’s web site, and they ensure that these pages run smoothly. Companies often want an employee that has a college degree to take on these positions, and students that complete a degree in this field will be prepared to work as a desktop publisher, computer programmer, or web designer.

Desktop Publisher Job Opportunities for Web or Multimedia Management Degree Graduates

A desktop publisher is responsible for working with programs like Apple Pages, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Publisher in order to design publication pages. Many individuals within this career field work for advertising firms or organizations, and they can also be used to create media sources like reports, newsletters, brochures, and other printed advertisements. For many organizations, choosing to hire their own desktop publisher is cheaper than having the creation of their publications contracted out to other individuals. Desktop publishers convert files for printing or for the Internet, and this includes the use of computer software. They transmit, mail, or deliver publication master copies to print for the production into plates and film. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career field will grow more quickly than the average through the year 2014. The median annual salary for a desktop publisher in 2009 was $36,470, which was also reported by the Bureau of Labor Statics.

Computer Programmer Job Opportunities for Web or Multimedia Management Degree Graduates

Computer systems programmers use many of the same tools that application programmers utilize. They create platforms and programs with networking systems, and they design operating systems and other tools for the organization of data in scanners, printers, and workstations. Programmers fix problems and other difficulties that occur within systems, and they modify systems to make them operate more efficiently. Computer programmers perform or direct revision or expansion of programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements. They also consult with managerial, technical, and engineering personnel to clarify the intent of programs and identify problems. These individuals will face slower than average job growth and will have an average salary similar to that of an applications programmer.

Web Designer Job Opportunities for Web or Multimedia Management Degree Graduates

Web designers utilize software to create web pages that are easy to navigate, and they also create visually appealing pages. Web designers that work for a single employer are responsible for the design of an organization’s websites and update them with ad banners, elements, and new design themes. Web designers evaluate code to ensure that it is properly structured and meets industry standards sot that it is compatible with browsers. They also back up files from web sites to local directories for instant recovery in case of problems. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary range for a web designer is between $50,000 and $75,000 each year, and this career field is expected to see significant growth within the next several years.

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